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National Heritage Areas

To help carry our mission, the Heritage Alliance and Center for Desert Archaeology developed the Feasibility Study for a Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage Area, with public input and support from a broad coalition of local governments, tribes, residents and stakeholder groups.  Review the feasibility study prepared by The Center for Desert Archaeology.   

Table of Contents

Preface, written by Jim Griffith.
The proposed Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage Area is a big land filled with small details. One’s first impression may be of size and distance—broad valleys rimmed by mountain ranges, with a huge sky arching over all. However, a closer look reveals that, beneath the broad brush strokes, this is a land of astonishing variety. Read the full preface. 

Chapter 1 - Introduction and Background
Chapter 2 - Proposed Concept
Chapter 3 - Supporting Resources (7MB file).
Chapter 4 - Interpretive Themes (large file; please click here to download by theme).
Chapter 5 - Potentials for Developing Heritage & Nature Tourism
Chapter 6 - Plan for Management Entity
Chapter 7 - Conceptual Financial Plan
Chapter 8 - Evaluation According to Federal Criteria
Chapter 9 - Conceptual Alternatives
Chapter 10 - Vision Statement