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Bird Habitats and Migration Routes

Where to experience bird habitats.
Learn more about bird habitats.

Where to experience bird habitats
Bird watchers come from all 50 states and across the globe. Inns and bed and breakfasts that cater specifically to bird watchers dot the landscape. They offer bird feeders, advice on destinations, early breakfasts, and sack lunches. Annual birding events in the region include the Fiesta de los Aves and Annual Christmas Bird Count in Patagonia, the Festival of Hummingbirds and Great Backyard Bird Count in Tucson, and the Tucson Audubon Birdathon throughout southeastern Arizona.

Check out our Heritage Experiences map to see where else you can visit bird habitats in the Santa Cruz Valley.   
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Bird Habitats
Because of the area’s range of elevations and habitat types, a diversity of birds can be found here. These include species that people come here especially to see, such as the elegant trogon, common black-hawk, northern beardless tyrannulet, broad-billed hummingbird, Montezuma quail, and buff-breasted flycatcher. Of the 36 species of raptors (birds of prey) that nest in Arizona, 31 do so in the Santa Cruz River watershed. The valley is also a major migration corridor for species that winter in the tropics and nest north of the Mexican border. The Santa Cruz Valley has 21 of the 50 stops on the Southeastern Arizona Birding Trail.

A recent study by the University of Arizona found that the top tourist attractions in the Tucson region are bird watching and other nature-experience destinations, and a 2001 survey by the US Fish and Wildlife Service concluded, “bird watching is bigger than golf as a tourism and economic impact in Southern Arizona.”

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