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About Us

Shaping a future that builds on the cultural traditions, historic places, working landscapes, and natural treasures of Southern Arizona’s Santa Cruz Valley.

To connect people to the cultural, historic and natural treasures of the Santa Cruz Valley through education, preservation and promotion of its unique resources and living traditions.
We achieve our goals by connecting and engaging partners in the region in voluntary and collaborative efforts that are respectful of living traditions and private property rights.  
Our Critical Role in the Region
We are an advocate for the region’s heritage, realizing its importance in preserving our past, and its power to shape our future. As Heritage Specialists, we coordinate heritage-based economic and community development.

We promote our heritage by celebrating the cultural diversity of the Santa Cruz Valley. We are partners with private businesses, nonprofit organizations, governments, tribes, and individuals of all ages.

We connect and coordinate in order to unite our diverse community and its rich heritage.

We enthusiastically encourage, acknowledge and celebrate heritage successes and efforts.

We are a diverse group of heritage specialists who research and inform the public about our heritage assets and treasures.   

National Heritage Area
To help carry out our mission, the Heritage Alliance has developed a concept and a Feasibility Study for a Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage Area, with public input and support from a broad coalition of local governments, tribes, residents and stakeholder groups.  With representation of these diverse local interests, the Heritage Alliance will manage the National Heritage Area and assist with voluntary efforts to preserve and celebrate the cultural traditions, historic places, and natural and working landscapes of the Santa Cruz Valley.