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Heritage Foods Program

Kino Heritage Fruit Tree Project
In addition to planning and implementing our own heritage education, preservation and promotion projects, we also strive to support the heritage projects taken on by other local organizations. The Kino Heritage Fruit Tree Project is one such project where the Heritage Alliance will help with publicity and development of an educational component targeting school kids. The latter may include the donation of trees to local schools for special planting ceremonies and related teaching activities and materials.

The Kino Heritage Fruit Trees Project, managed by the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, aims to research, locate, propagate and re-establish historically-accurate fruit cultivars to the mission orchard area. From a cultural history perspective, the establishment of European-style orchards and fields by Spanish missionaries catalyzed a process of agricultural transformation for native Tohono O’odham and Sobaipuri farmers. These trees represented a critical part of the fusion of cultures that took place on mission lands around the Greater Southwest.  

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum has partnered with Desert Survivors Nursery to propagate cuttings taken from historic stock of black mission fig, white pomegranate and quince trees for re-planting the orchard at Tumacácori National Historic Park.

Reintroducing Spanish-era stock into the orchard and mission gardens will directly contribute to the interpretive, educational, and preservation objectives of the mission of Tumacácori NHP, as well as the mission of the Heritage Alliance.  








For more information about the project contact Jesús Manuel García-Yánez, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, at (520) 883-3089 or