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Thanks to your support we've surpassed our fundraising goal! Thank you everyone who has already contributed.  There is still time to make your tax-deductible donation by midnight December 31, 2011. Read on to learn more about our year-end campaign.  Many thanks to Farmers Investment Co. for contributing a $5,000 matching grant to help our fundraising campaign reach $15,000!  

Support the Heritage Alliance's 2011 Year-End Campaign!

The Santa Cruz Valley Heritage Alliance has built a broad coalition of citizens, businesses, elected officials, and other stakeholders in the shared pursuit of celebrating, promoting, and preserving our heritage. Our mission, to connect people to the cultural, historic, and natural treasures of the Santa Cruz Valley, is constantly reaffirmed and strengthened by the impressive support from you and your neighbors. 

Since its inception eight years ago, the Heritage Alliance has been committed to connecting people to place through free, heritage-based programs tied in to economic development and community education. With the generous support of individuals, businesses, family foundations, and local governments throughout the Santa Cruz Valley, we have produced an impressive list of accomplishments and services to the community.

Please help us continue this important work of connecting people to the heritage resources of the Santa Cruz Valley. We have already raised most of our 2011 budget, but need an additional $15,000 by the end of the year to continue working to connect people to place. Please donate today.

Heritage Foods Program:  
A growing number of people in our community are coming together to chart a positive, more sustainable future for putting food on our table.  The Santa Cruz Valley Heritage Alliance is advancing this local foods movement with various heritage education and promotion projects, including our Local & Heritage Foods Directory.  Earlier this month we launched the regional heritage food brand Santa Cruz Valley Harvest: The fresh taste of our heritage, which you can use to more easily identify locally-grown heritage food products, and will be used by restaurants, farmers’ markets, and grocery stores to more easily market their use of local and heritage foods. 

Heritage Tourism Program
By highlighting the heritage aspect of local businesses, parks, museums, and other destinations, the Heritage Tourism program encourages you to support the local economy while also learning about what makes your community unique.  This instills a stronger regional identity and sense-of-place, enhancing your quality of life.  Projects in the Heritage Tourism Program include the Heritage Experiences of the Santa Cruz Valley mapguide, Discover Tucson's Heritage, Discover Green Valley - Sahuarita's Heritage, Uniquely Tucson walking map, and more.  

National Heritage Area Designation
The Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage Area (NHA) is a bi-partisan effort that will stimulate local heritage-based economic development by marketing regional heritage tourism, encouraging the adaptive re-use of historic buildings to revitalize communities, and promoting place-based foods, arts, crafts, and other traditional products. The Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage Area Act (HR 2037) was introduced (yet again!) in May 2011 by Congressman Raul Grijalva. We will continue to push for our Senators to support this legislation that will provide a much-needed economic boost, as well as a national honor, to the Santa Cruz Valley and southern Arizona.  

Your one-time or monthly donation today will sustain these heritage programs through 2011 and launch us in 2012. Please donate today! If you'd prefer to donate via a check rather than online, please print a donation form and mail it back.  THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!